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  • Peimei outdoor furniture is designed according to the size and angle of human comfort, with simple appearance, low-key and calm, and no visual fatigue. Good combination of design, practicality, economy and other elements provides customers with comfortable enjoyment.

    About PeiMei

    A focus on R & D, design, production, sales, installation, after-sales integration of outdoor leisure furniture enterprises. The main production of Aluminum alloy combined table and chair, sofas, cast aluminum, rattan furniture, sun umbrella and a series of high-end outdoor leisure products, a complete range of products, the company has strong supporting capacity. We can provide one-stop high-quality purchasing service for customers and engineering companies, which can help you to save time and worry.

    Craftsmen carefully cast

    The style is novel and diversified

    Pay attention to the details of products and embody the simplicity of leisure